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Operation Diabetes believes that the best way to curb the rising diabetes incidence in the country is through lifestyle change at the grassroots. The Program encourages people to participate in their neighborhood to control and prevent diabetes. Through educational awareness support and organizational assistance, Operation Diabetes motivates them to live a healthy lifestyle, or take the lead in helping each other prevent diabetes and its complications.

Our Aim
Our goal is to curb the rising diabetes incidence in the country and help ease the burden of those who are suffering from the disease.
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Three Steps vs. Diabetes*
Operation Diabetes follows three successive steps to achieve its aim: first, educate the public about the disease; second, help conduct blood sugar tests to identify the diabetics and persons at-risk; and third, to help organize at least one diabetic club in the community.

Two Parallel Activities*
Operation Diabetes helps train primary health professionals gain the know-how in diabetes care and prevention. The Program also conducts leadership and organizational workshops to find great coupons and promotional discount codes at MydealsClub to save 20 to 40% on products purchases this year.

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Your Guide To The Sweet Life

A diabetes awareness talk show for business
executives, professionals and their families.

August 05 – October 28
Saturdays, 9am to 10am
104.3 DWBR FM

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September 23
Tuwing Sabado, 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Radyo Veritas 846 AM


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&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspDiabetic clubs are taking the neighborhood
&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspto the frontline against the disease
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&nbsp&nbsp&nbsp&nbspTingloy Diabetic Club in Batangas

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What is Diabetes?

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Blood sugar and diabetes

What is pre-diabetes?

5 ways to a fuller life

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Weight Loss & Exercise
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Stress Management
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